Carl de Coninck, born in December 1949 as the youngest child of the six, came into contact with painting at a very early age. His eldest sister attended the academy in “Ter Kamerenbos”. A good friend of his uncle (F. Schweizer, “Teddy”), with whom he spent a lot of time, was also a painter. As a 5-year-old boy, Carl was often allowed to go to his studio. The palette of “Teddy”, with all the colours, fascinated him, and very soon painting became a hobby. 

Apart from two years in the art academy of Liedekerke, Carl is actually an autodidact. Periods of intensive painting alternate with quiet periods, but painting always stands out in his life.


Carl appreciates many painters and tendencies, but adores abstract expressionists. He also admires painters such as Nicolas de Staël and Serge Poliakoff.

His style is rather non-figurative, and he usually uses oil on canvas in combination with acrylic, pigment and glue.